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Starting high school when you’re Deaf

By Rebekah Rose-Mundy

Rebekah talks about her eldest son transitioning from primary school to high school.

Getting the most out of the batteries from your hearing device

Dealing with batteries feels like a never ending ordeal. Here are some tips on what works for me.

Toowong Hands and Hearts Fair wrap up!

Jody tells us all about the Toowong Hands and Hearts Fair, including her favourite moment.

Starting school with a speech impairment

By Michaela Banks

Michaela shares the challenges and excitement of Harry starting school.

How I use technology every day

By Karon Fowler

"Now I am learning Auslan on my iPad in my spare time at home, so I don't have to attend Auslan classes."

ITOD conference wrap up!

By the Conexu team

"People were really interested in technology playing a part in communication development of children who are Deaf and hard of hearing."

When buying new tech goes wrong

By Rebecca Driscoll

"I bought a new alarm clock recently and didn't get off to a good start!"

I'm a Teacher of the Deaf and this is the tech I use

By Melissa Bryson

"In today's society, kids are exposed to so much technology in their lives. Technology has awlays been part of the learning process for them."

CICADA Queensland's "Main Event" wrap up!

By Rebecca Driscoll

"Every year, CICADA Queensland holds an event to bring everyone together during Hearing Awaress Week."

Tell us about your blog, 'Australian Deaf TTY History'

By David Parker

"TTYs helped me empower myself. I was able to call the relay service and make bookings, enquire about products and look for jobs. My friends and I were able to make TTY calls and arrange a place to meet..."