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Australian Assistive Technology Conference wrap up!

By Jody Bowman

"It's great to see other organisations and individuals getting on board with mainstream tech and making it accessible in the classroom."

Pilot project: Testing out communication technology in the classroom

By Phil Harper

"I've been attending classes and supporting the teachers with using the apps and technology. A parents' workshop is being organised to support the 'in-school' program, so it can evolve in the home environment as well."

My tech tips and tricks for work, home and socialising

By Sian Neame

"You can hear directly; straight to your processor rather than through two speakers (the phone and the processor). It is so sharp and clear."

My experience with accessible tech at work

By Sian Neame

"... I had to set everything up and make sure it was connected and streaming in the seconds while the phone was ringing. I found it to be really stressful... the set-up is unrealistic."

Sian Neame: How I use technology everyday

By Sian Neame

"... it has given me unlimited opportunities and the ability to be able to be part of both worlds..."

Disability Action Week event wrap up!

By the Conexu team

"... our stand was most visited by disability support workers who were interested to find out about tech to support communication for students who are Deaf and hard of hearing."

My iPad surprise!

By Karon Fowler

"... Bob Larkin called my name. I was very surprised. When I approached him, he presented me with an iPad..."

My experience getting the NBN at home

By Phil Harper

"We were keen to see how access to the NBN would improve our access to fast internet, be more cost effective and fair."

Why TED Talks are better with subtitles

By Rebecca Driscoll

“The subtitles are so helpful, so I can follow what the speaker is saying. Without them, I would not be watching at all.”

The great tech we find useful

My favourite technology is the smart phone because the ability to communicate, use video, Facebook and the internet is all possible on one device.”