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Sokong Kim: How I use technology every day

By Sokong Kim

"This allows me to follow the lyrics more closely in time with the music and makes the overall experience of listening to music even more enjoyable."

Australian Deaf Games wrap up!

By the Conexu Team

“We worked with Deaf Sports Australia to film Australia’s first Auslan sports dictionary… took a group of community members to the Adelaide Oval and had more than 100 entries into our ‘Win a Tablet’ competition.”​

Technology and communication in Deaf sports

By Irena Farinacci

“I think at the end of the day it’s important to treat all participants – Deaf, hard of hearing or hearing – equally. Making sure everybody understands what is happening.”​

Alex Jones: How I use technology every day

By Alex Jones

“I really love all technology. There isn’t any I don’t like… Technology is so valuable to the Deaf community because it assists in communication.”​

Teens and technology

By John Lui

“Before if you couldn’t use the telephone, you were not able to have these conversations. It helps with their independence…”

My experience as a Deaf coach of both Deaf and hearing athletes

By John Lui

“It is not the physical ability to perform the task that separates Deaf from hearing athletes; it is the mode of communication.”

Tips for communicating over Christmas

By Rebecca Driscoll

“It can be overwhelming… Fatigue hits you at the end of the day… I like to offer to help with preparing the food table or taking away dishes. It gives me time out from listening and talking to people…”​

Why I love touchscreens ordering systems

By Guled Mohamud

“I can select what I want or need – like the type of milk in my coffee.”


My experience using public transport

By Rebecca Driscoll

“I have learned to sit close to the TV monitor in case of any changes and I receive notifications on my phone…”

Three months on: Finding equipment for my new baby

By Libby Baxter

“I spent a lot of time researching to find something to help… The most annoying part is that they don't tell you those problems… I wish there was an option to trial products before buying.”