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NDIS New World Conference wrap up!

By the Conexu Team

 “One person said it well when they said, thanks to technology they were no longer limited by their physical constraints, only by their imagination.”

How I use technology every day

By Colin Allen

“When I am travelling and I don’t have access to a WiFi internet connection, I am still able to access the app and confirm accommodation details and my itinerary…”​

My experience participating in Deaf sports

By Irena Farinacci

“I love sport because it makes me feel included and helps me feel relaxed; like an escape from real world, mainstream community where communication can be difficult. In sport I can play, look after myself, and keep fit and healthy.”

My favourite tech tip: iOS tricks

By Rebecca Driscoll

“I find this really useful… You would often have to play around with your device or search online for neat shortcuts…”​

Why I like Musixmatch

By Rebecca Driscoll

"I now independtly find out what song is playing, bring up the lyrics, read the lyrics all on my own - without needing anyone's help." 

Finding the best equipment for my new baby

By Libby Baxter

"While I was pregnant with my first child, I decided to start doing research on what technology I could get for great quality and a reasonable price..." 

My experience of hearing loss at university

By Dan Jarvis

"I ensured at the beginning of each semester that Student Services contacted my lecturers in organising captioned/subtitles or scripts of any listening sources."


My first hearing test

By Jody Bowman

"I had the opportunity to have a hearing test... Check out the video..."


My communication tech tips for around home

By Shirley Edwards

"I encourage any person with a hearing loss to explore all possibilities of assistive listening devices so their independence is maintained to the fullest."

Device Indecisiveness

By Michaela Banks

"The process of finding the right device is fraught with excitement, doubt, trial and error and it’s easy for me to sit here on the other side of that decision and say ‘don’t worry, it’ll all work out..."